Board of Directors

Board of Directors

System: Albertville Municipal Utilities Board
Manager: Elden Chumley
Board Member: Elden Chumley
Phone: 256.878.3761

System: Arab Electric Cooperative
Manager: Stacey White
Board Member: Stacey White
Phone: 256.586.3196

System: City of Athens Utility Department
Manager: Blair Davis
Board Member: Blair Davis
Phone: 256.232.1440

System: Cherokee Electric Co-op
Manager: Randal Wilkie
Board Member: Randal Wilkie
Phone: 256.927.5524

System: Cullman Electric Cooperative
Manager: Tim Culpepper
Board Member: Tim Culpepper
Phone: 256.737.3200

System: Cullman Power Board
Manager: Mike Manning
Board Member: Mike Manning
Phone: 256.736.5606

System: Decatur Utilities
Manager: Ray Hardin
Board Member: Ray Hardin
Phone: 256.552.1451

System: Florence Electric Department
Manager: Mary McDuffa
Board Member: Mary McDuffa
Phone: 256.760.6512

System: Fort Payne Improvement Authority
Manager: Mike Shirey
Board Member: Mike Shirey
Phone: 256.845.0671

System: Franklin Electric Cooperative
Manager: Mark Stockton
Board Member: Mark Stockton
Phone: 256.332.2730

System: Guntersville Electric Board
Manager: Jason Kirkland
Board Member: Jason Kirkland
Phone: 256.582.5691

System: Hartselle Utilities
Manager: Bob Sittason
Board Member: Bob Sittason
Phone: 256.773.3340

System: City of Huntsville Utilities
Manager: Wes Kelley
Board Member: Wes Kelley
Phone: 256.535.1292

System: Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Corporation
Manager: George Kitchens
Board Member: Ray Long
Phone: 256.552.2314

System: Marshall-DeKalb Electric Cooperative
Manager: Scott Bobo
Board Member: Scott Bobo
Phone: 256.593.4262

System: Muscle Shoals Electric Board
Manager: Matt Bernauer
Board Member: Matt Bernauer
Phone: 256.386.9290

System: North Alabama Electric Cooperative
Manager: Bruce Purdy
Board Member: Bruce Purdy
Phone: 256.437.2281

System: Russellville Electric Board
Manager: Charles Canida
Board Member: Charles Canida
Phone: 256.332.3850

System: Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative
Manager: Mark Malone
Board Member: Mark Malone
Phone: 256.638.2153

System: Scottsboro Electric Power Board
Manager: Phillip Chaney
Board Member: Phillip Chaney
Phone: 256.574.2680

System: Sheffield Utilities
Manager: Steve Hargrove
Board Member: Steve Hargrove
Phone: 256.389.2000

System: Tuscumbia Utilities
Manager: Jeff McDonald
Board Member: Jeff McDonald
Phone: 256.383.0321

System: Tennessee Valley Authority
Board Member: Harry Schmidt, Regional Specialist
Board Member: Kevin Chandler, General Manager, Alabama
Phone: 256-430-4819
Phone: 256.430.4800