Corporate Partners

Alabama offers corporations some of the lowest tax rates in the country, allowing for quicker profitability.

Alabama allows full deduction for all federal income taxes apportioned to Alabama, creating a significantly reduced net effective rate. To further make Alabama an attractive location for companies, the state has enacted the Jobs Act Incentives, which consist of a jobs tax credit and an investment credit. Property tax rates are also low and, excluding educational tax, they may be abated for a certain number of years. For more information, visit

One of Alabama’s greatest incentives is the services of Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT). AIDT is consistently ranked among the top workforce training programs in the country. AIDT will recruit, screen and train your potential employees before your company has to make the decision whether to hire them. More information regarding AIDT can be found at their website.

Alabama also offers competitive utility prices along with credits and incentives that can further reduce your costs. TVA’s Valley Incentive Programs (VIP) consider both economic and power-system metrics to create a profile of your company’s value to the region. This metrics value is used to determine appropriate incentive levels to attract and retain jobs to the region.

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