County Seat: Centre
Population: 25,853
Civilian Labor Force: 10,386

Cherokee County is located in northeast Alabama between the metro areas of Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga. It is home to Weiss Lake, which is well known for its spectacular views and some of the world’s best fishing.

Companies like KTH Leesburg Products have found Cherokee County to be an excellent location for their businesses. Federal highways US 278 and US 11 and the Centre-Piedmont-Cherokee County Regional Airport provide an excellent transportation network.

County Profile

Population within an approx. 45-mile radius of county seat: 1,043,021
Population: 25,853
Civilian Labor Force: 10,386
Unemployment Rate: 7.8% (May 2020 Preliminary-AL Dept. of Labor)
County Residents Working in the County: 4,931
County Residents Working Outside the County: 4,677
Outside Residents Working in the County: 1,169

Source: JobsEQ 6/2020

Cherokee County Industrial Development Authority

Available Sites & Buildings

Top Manufacturing Companies in Cherokee County

Many manufacturing operations have found success in Cherokee County. These are the top ten:

KTH Leesburg Products LLCAutomotive Underbody Structural Parts464
American ApparelMilitary Apparel228
ParkdaleYarn Spinning - Cotton Processing187
Prince MineralsPorcelain Enamel Frits, Electrostatic Powders85
Dixie Green, Inc.Wholesale Nursery47
Cherokee Gin & Cotton Co.Cotton Gin45
VaDo FabricsMattress Fabric Bindings & Trimmings30
Model Tee'sEmbroidery30
Sawyer NurseryWholesale Nursery23
Weiss Lake Egg Company, Inc.Chicken Egg Farm17

Source: Local economic development contacts-7/2020