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10 hours ago
#didyouknow Aluminium is a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13...Which explains the name of our Muscle Shoals' "Element 13" #recycling unit! Find out more about our Muscle Shoals facility at: NorthAlabamaUSA photo
7 days ago
The Mazda-Toyota plant received the Silver Award in Building Facilities’ Deal of the Year competition. We are privileged to be designing a project of this scale and significance for Mazda Toyota Manufacturing. #GhafariCo #Manufacturing #Alabama NorthAlabamaUSA photo
2 weeks ago
Huntsville named one of the ‘52 Places to Go in 2019’ by the New York Times NorthAlabamaUSA photo
2 weeks ago
The new 100,000 sq ft speculative building in the Shoals Research Airpark is nearing completion. NorthAlabamaUSA photo
1 month ago
Alabama has gained the most automotive manufacturing jobs over the past 18 years.
1 month ago
North Alabama-made SM-3 missile successfully shoots down target

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