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1 week ago
NEWS FLASH: Auto supplier DaikyoNishikawa picks Alabama for its first US facility, creating 380 jobs with $110M project on-site with Mazda Toyota Manufacturing USA in Huntsville NorthAlabamaUSA photo
2 weeks ago
How is work in the Decatur factory and at the Cape going?
@torybruno: We’ve hit a record volume in our factory with 30 rockets in production. Qualification hardware is finishing up and first flight hardware is being built.
3 weeks ago
We’re very proud to have the @GEAviation #CMC production site in North Alabama!
3 weeks ago
MUSCLE SHOALS — A 63,000-square-foot warehouse being built on the Tennessee Valley Authority's Muscle Shoals Reservation will allow TVA to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of repairing massive turbine parts for power production facilities in …
4 weeks ago
Shoals Economic Development Authority hopes to attract more industry with new SPEC building