Work Force

Labor Force

North Alabama is a growing, tech-friendly Southern Region with a strong manufacturing base.

Today, North Alabama is a destination region with large pools of knowledgeable, flexible talent with highly transferrable skills. Due to the nation’s early days of rocket development here, we rank among the highest percentage of engineers and technologists per capita in the U.S. and have the fourth largest research park in the world.

Being a right to work state for decades, employees have long demonstrated an eagerness to adapt to ever-changing times and share the goal for constant quality and productivity improvement. Competitive wages are complimented by our low cost of living and quality of life. Union activity remains very low and Alabama’s three automotive OEM assembly plants operate union free.

North Alabamians enjoy a relative ease and predictability in commuting to and from the workplace. Our transportation infrastructure facilitates an uncongested free-flow of traffic. While a 50-mile commute to work is not uncommon for higher paying jobs, our average commute time to work is only 25.15 minutes.

Alabama ranks #3 in the nation in the number of robotic arms applied in manufacturing. The Robotics Technology Park (RTP) represents a continued investment in evolving and sustaining a succession of skilled talent to fill tomorrow’s industry needs. Alabama companies can take advantage of the various 40-hour OEM-specific automation classes at no cost.